b. 1986, HK.

User Researcher | UX Designer


I love the human experience! That why, after a journey of diverse professional roles, I made my way into user research and design. From social services to education, I have always been drawn to value-driven work, no matter the industry.

My passion for engaging with people supports my research capabilities. My vivid imagination nourishes my designs. I like to encourage people and companies, to treat humans…like humans.

Travel keeps me awake, aware, and alive. There’s not a corner of this country, or world, that I won’t explore. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, I not only became more familiar with the various contexts of an individual’s experience, I learned to “think globally, act locally.”


CLIENTS / projects:

  • Magnolia Bakery

  • Insider Insight

  • New York Code + Design Academy

  • Financial Non-Profit

  • Fats Of Life

+ more

Cynthia Clemons

Making products fine since 1999.

(Yep, since the fourth grade.)